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Our Offer

Stork Hotel *** offers attractions integration for workers, families and tourists in cooperation with the office of Sunny Travel Travel in the offer:

  1. Craft shows in bulkheads Foluszek k. Zbiczna - access 30 min. (in the period from April to October). These shows are designed to meet the living history. In addition to a hefty dose of theoretical knowledge, participants are provided with great fun, by the possibility of incorporation into the blacksmith, wheelwright and even a "kata". The entire show takes place under the guidance of the local commander, who will carry out the participants in the magical world of the Middle Ages. The event ends with a common focal point.
  2. Golf, grill, evening dance parties and music in Chimneys - access 15 min. Habitat is located in the protected landscape of the river Drwęca, and is surrounded on three sides by woods, the lake divides them just 100m. In addition to the entertainment on the golf course, the owners provide additional equipment to play, you can take advantage of the horseback riding. An additional advantage of the world in which it is possible to organize a feast of dance and catering.
  3. Walking on Brodnica and its monuments with a guide is another attraction, which provides tourist office. Visiting time varies from 3 to 5 hours, depending on the selected activities. One thing is certain Brodnica is a beautiful city for outdoor activities and also for those who enjoy visiting historical monuments, ruins and museums.
  4. Sightseeing tours "of Chelmno Castle Route", a visit to Karbówko k. Golub Dobrzyń - day / year-round. Earth Chełmińska is the oldest area of the Teutonic Order in Poland, where it began the conquest of Prussia and the creation of a powerful state of the Teutonic Knights. Here are the oldest castles Order of the Hospital of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Poland. The tour leads through Golub, World, Grudziadz, Radzyń Chełmiński until Brodnica. An added attraction is a visit to the Settlement in Karbówko, a charming spot stylized rural museum, which is also a complex of hotel - entertainment - restaurant.
  5. Sightseeing tours "Chopin notes", the route Brodnica - Ciechocinek - Szafarnia- - Brodnica - day / May to October. Tour begins with a visit to Ciechocinek, once praised by T-Rappers from the Vistula, famous for its medicinal properties of the microclimate assisted by saline graduation towers, which is a natural inhaler for the body. The next stage of the route is Szafarnia-, which is the erstwhile summer residence of Frederick Chopin.
  6. Sightseeing tours "Little Piast Trail" route: Żnin - Biskupin - Venice - Inowrocław - day / May to October. Starting from Znin sound knocking narrow-gauge railway track to reach Biskupin, where we will visit the oldest village prior to 10 thousand. years. To once again experience the atmosphere of exploding steam locomotives we will go to Venice and the famous Narrow Gauge Railway Museum. An additional attraction is a boat trip with remarkable called "The Devil Venetian" derived from boasting a shameful opinion magnate Nicholas Nałęcz - Bloody Devil Venetian. The last point of the program is Inowrocław, which is known for the salutary effect of local graduation towers.
  7. Sightseeing tours "Toruń gingerbread and Copernicus' route: Brodnica - Torun - Brodnica - day / year-round. Participants have the chance to meet with a guide oldest and most interesting corners of Torun. In addition, visit the house of Copernicus, which is the birthplace of the famous astronomer. Speaking of astronomy that will also include a visit to the Planetarium, which will delight all of their "cosmic" travels the galaxy. The symbol associated with the city in addition to the form of Copernicus are gingerbread, which can be personally bake at a workshop in the Living Museum of Gingerbread. At the end of the culinary attraction appears in the form of a dinner at the famous pancake "Dummy"
  8. Sightseeing tours "Warmia trail" route: Brodnica - Olsztyn - Olsztynek - Grunwald - Brodnica - day / year-round. Full day excursion to the capital of the Warmia and Mazury - Olsztyn, famous for its Planetarium and one of the best preserved castles of the Teutonic Knights in Poland. The next stop is Olsztynek, where in addition to a visit to the museum will be able to visit the glassworks. One of the most interesting places are located near Grunwald Olsztynek, where in 1410 was one of the biggest battles of medieval Europe ...  
  9. Sightseeing tours "Sierpc folkloric" route: Brodnica - Sierpc - Brodnica full day / year-round - seasonal. During this tour we will focus on visiting an extremely charming place which is Skansen in Sierpiec. It offers all visitors a real journey into the past. In addition, provides insight into the history of the region and the rites of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Offer Museum is cyclical and has an unbreakable bond with the seasons and performed at their work the farm. For participants is an unusual attraction and at the same time fun.
  10. Sightseeing tours "City of love and surroundings" - full day / year-round. Route: Brodnica - Bierzgłowo - Chelmza - Chelmno - Brodnica. During the tour, participants will learn the beauty of Teutonic architecture. We start Bierzgłowa and its castle, which is marked by the stigma of history. Further road leads to Chelmza.The main point of exploring the city is unique class gothic cathedral. Only apparently the surroundings of the cathedral and its body does not promise wealth and monumentality interior, hiding valuable objects.On the way there are also exploring other precious objects of the city as a Gothic church. Nicholas and burial chapel Zawiszów blacks. The last stop is Chelmno, which due to the possession of the relics of St.. Valentine's Day is called the "city of love".
  11. Paint Ball - access 20 min. It is an attraction designed for lovers of strong emotions and who appreciate the spirit of competition. Place to play is around Brodnica in the gravel pit surrounded by forest and is equipped with numerous obstacle courses. The advantage is the ability to improve the site by the players themselves.
  12. Canoeing Drwęca and the Lake District Brodnica. The duration and the route is dependent on the customer's preferences. Brodnica Lake District is one of the most picturesque and unique in terms of the wealth of natural and landscaped areas "Polish Green Lungs".Kayak routes lead through the numerous lakes Brodnica Landscape Park and the River: Drwęca and Skarlanka. Participants runoff have provided equipment, health rescuer and guide. In addition, the focus of the event can be attractive and fun dance.
  13. Sailing camps (May to August)
  14. Green Schools for children and youth, sports camps and art - multi-day, weekly / year-round. On the lake district Brodnica and Górznieńsko-Lidzbarsk organized various forms of active tourism and animation movement for children and young people under the supervision of qualified teaching staff.
  15. Sightseeing tours around Brodnica Landscape Park with a bonfire and barbecue - one day / season (April to October) .. These are the hiking guide by beautiful grounds Brodnica Landscape Park from Lake Bachotek by Zbiczno, Ryte mud, Quiet, Great and Small Partęczyny and on Lake Łąkorz ending. An additional attraction for the participants to organize at the end of the day or would bonfire barbecue with sausages.
  16. Horse Riding and carriage rides: year-round. Participants can take advantage of the professional services riding schools located in the Little and Big Głęboczek Lezno. An additional attraction at the customer's request is the organization of feasts in country style.
  17. Sleigh Rides - Winter season. Depending on the size of the group organizers appoint sleigh routes that lead through charming places Brodnica Lake District.
  18. Mushrooming - areas include Lake Brodnica forests of the Black Bryńska, Okalewka and nearby towns in the district, abound in the autumn season in all kinds of mushrooms, of which a check is carried out under the supervision of local foresters.
  19. Bartenders - all year. On request, we offer professional bartending shows the varied entertainment program.
  20. Performances and cabaret, film evenings - all year. In our facility we have the ideal hotel facilities designed for this type of events. Nature of the meetings is dependent on customer requirements.
  21. Common cooking with Chef - All year / max. 20 people. We offer our customers a joint workshop of culinary Chef Hotel STORK. Classes allow you to explore the secrets of the culinary arts and to extend knowledge of the group on the dishes selected by the guest cuisines of the world.   
  22. Bike rental for hotel guests
  23. Tournaments on the tennis courts - from May to October. We provide reservations in fully-equipped tennis courts (rackets, balls). For an extra charge is possibility to use the services of an instructor playing tennis.

In order to prepare a detailed offer, please contact:
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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